Corporate Products

Your image and reputation is your best business card ...
Here at Mumujas Chocolates we understand, and for that reason, we put the best effort to distinguish your event, with our classic chocolates proudly wearing the brand of your company. Because, what better way to be remembered than to chocolate nibbles.

Milk chocolate bars

Casarte is as exciting as opening a new box of assorted chocolates; suddenly, you find yourself surrounded by all these new and different flavors and moments … Many are so rich and sweet! – Others know a little strong, but even so all are just what you needed. But, most important of all, it is with whom you share them … because at the end of the day, they are all delicious.

Units Unit value Total Value
500 $600 $300.000
1000 $550 $550.000
2000 $500 $1´000.000

Chocolate Coins

There are different ways to express your feelings … there are romantics, who write real love letters … there are unbreakable friendships that are celebrated with a symbolic beer … and there are those who, no matter what, love you and will always take care of you. For each one, we have a special chocolate. Show them how you feel, with Mumujas chocolates.

Unidades Valor unitario Valor Total
500 $1300 $650.000
1000 $1200 $1.200.000
2000 $1100 $2.200.000
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