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Great variety of dehydrated fruits.
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About us

Mumujas Chocolates is a Colombian company, with more than a decade of history and experience in the artisan elaboration of products derived from cocoa.

In addition to having state-of-the-art technology that guarantees an optimal development of our processes and products, we have a team of trained chocolatiers, and with experience in different special types of chocolates and coverages. Faith of this, is given by our clients who over the years have accompanied the growth and constant improvement of our products; We have the support of important customers in the national and international market

At Mumujas Chocolates we are proud to join our efforts to present high quality products. We hope to make more alliances that continue to strengthen the development of the cocoa culture in Colombia and South America.

Changing the cocoa culture in Colombia

We work our cocoa from planting to shipment.

From our sowing and harvesting fields, all the way to the processing, production and distribution plants, our cacao travels through towns and cities feeding on the care and expertise with which it is treated.

We always take into account climate and soil conditions, seed preparation, nursery planting, shade management and organic fertilization, so our cacao grows with absolute dedication. Then it is transported to the plant where our commercial ally is responsible for the selection of roasted grain, grinding, extraction of solids and cocoa liquor, and all processes of refining and processing of cocoa.


We plant the cocoa fruit in a natural farming system, careful with the environment and diversified with a wide variety of shade tree species. These protect cocoa from excess sun, soil erosion and stabilize the water balance. The constant accumulation of biomass is positive for the structure of the soil and for the supply of nutrients to the cocoa plant.

Events in which we participate

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