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About us

Espiral Universal SAS is a Colombian company, with more than a decade of history and experience in the production of cocoa products, giving recognition to our brand Mumujas Chocolates.

In addition to having teams that guarantee an optimal development of our processes and products, we count with a team of trained chocolatiers with experience in different special types of chocolates and toppings. This is attested not only by our clients in the national market: Sapia Colombia – La Caleñita – Lök Foods – Colombia is Bella – Handicrafts LSP Cartagena – Fagar in San Andrés – Grupo Biz -and Terra Fértil Colombia among others, but also by our international clients: Novail Spa in Chile and El Market Puerto Rico, who over the years have accompanied the constant growth and improvement of our products.

Changing the Cocoa Culture in Colombia

We are proud to combine our efforts to present high quality products, so part of our growth and strengthening is the process of unifying the knowledge of cocoa families in the municipality of Melgar, Department of Tolima, in the production and cultivation of cocoa which is the key input for home chocolate.

We sow the fruit of cocoa in a natural cultivation system, which is environmentally friendly and diversified with a wide variety of shade tree species. They protect cocoa from excess sun, soil from erosion and even stabilize the water balance. There, in Melgar, we have our own cocoa farm and the support of cocoa farmers in the area to develop and produce our raw materials derived from cocoa in a short period of time.

Additionally, as part of our social responsibility and fully aware of the importance of children in our country, we support the education of students in the schools of Inalí and Buenavista villages. We visited students on a monthly basis, get actively involved in recreational days and, most importantly, provide school supplies in order to set them to a successful school start every year.

Our commitment is always with the growth and development of new products and we aim to fulfill it with the help of peasant people and managing fair trade to contribute to the sustainable development and growth of our country, Colombia!

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