Special occasions & events

There is nothing better than getting a nice gift on a special day, especially because it shows that we are appreciated by someone and also how well they know us.

From small personal presents to gift baskets and banquet trays – Don’t hesitate, because if there is something that is always well received and shows your appreciation for someone; is a fine Mumuja's chocolate.


Getting married is as exciting as opening a new box of assorted chocolates; suddenly, you find yourself surrounded by all these new and different flavors and moments ... Most are so rich and sweet! - Others taste a little strong, but still is just what you needed. But most important of all, it is with whom you share them ... because at the end of the day, that's what makes all of them delicious.

Love & Friendship

There are different ways to express your feelings ... there are romantics who write true love letters... there unshakable friendships celebrated with a symbolic beer ... and then there are those who no matter what you love, and they'll always care for you . For each one, there’s a special chocolate. Show them how you feel with Mumuja's chocolates.


Tricky tricky Halloween, There’s Mumuja's for you
We all enjoy the festivities because they cover the streets with laughter, dances and costumes that brighten our lives. Mumuja's is proud to support our Colombian festivities, decorating your baskets with bright and colorful packaging that enchant everyone! Making your party the most chocolaty, entertaining and memorable celebration.

& Merry Choco-Christmas

Mother’s & Father’s Day

Dad guided you and Mom cared for you ... there’s no 2 like them. You want to thank them for everything they have done for you? - Give them back all the love and care, with a loving Mumuja's Chocolate.

Sweet 15 and Birthdays

For a girl, fairy tales come true on her birthday no. 15! They can dress like princesses and be accompanied by the king in a waltz, while being admired by all party guests. There is no greater honor for Mumuja's chocolates than to be the official Chocolatier for such a splendid occasion!

Eventos corporativos

Your image and reputation is your best business card ... Here in Mumuja's Chocolates we understand it, and so, we put the best of efforts to distinguish your event with our classic chocolates proudly wearing the name / logo of your company. Because, what better way to be remembered by chocolate bites.

Events in which we participate

Feria del hogar