Flavors, textures and essences that transcend through time and palates - Chocolate is distinguished by the chocolatier.

Our Line of Products

Chocolate covered Dragées

Diced tropical fruit, rich Colombian nuts and sublime coffee beans, all coated in the most exquisite chocolate. A delicious and deserved treat.

Cacao & Dry Nut Bars

Selected from the purest cacao beans, our bars are made of different percentages of cacao each one more embracing and aromatic, but just as memorable for a dark chocolate lover.

Chocolate Truffles

Creamy appetizer bathed in white, milk and dark Chocolate. Its high distinction is due to its complex and rich ganache within each variety of our truffles.

Cacao from Our Land

From the heart of Colombia in tolima near the central mountains, there´s a perfect ecosystem to produce the best cocoa beans.

40 years of cocoa history hide behind each one of our Mumuja's Chocolate bars. A small but beautiful region of Tolima is usually visited by Armando Perez, director of Mumuja's. The reason? This province, besides its well-known eco-tourism and its vast number of festivals, is found to have the optimal conditions for growing cocoa beans of excellent quality. Not to mention that the whole region has traditionally been planted with products 100% organic.

Our cocoa is grown on cacao farms by Colombian farmers and their families, who for generations have taken great care in planting, since they derive their livelihood from the production of their lands. Whit this in mind, the director of Mumuja's Chocolates has ensured to work directly with the farmer, thanks to this we have formed an association of cocoa farmers in the region to guarantee a better quality of life for them and their families, and also, a finer chocolate with more love for everyone.

Corporate Products Line

Corporate chocolates

Give your event a touch of elegance with Mumuja's Chocolates, packaged in a beautiful design with the logo or image of your company!

From product launches, exhibitions, openings and sales incentives and direct marketing premiums, ceremonies, conventions, corporate banquets and more ...

We print the image of your company in chocolate and customize chocolate from molding to packaging.

Whether the volume of your order is small or large, our corporate discounts or promotions accommodate for all types of events and budgets. It includes direct delivery to recipients.

We can put your Brand centre stage