Corporate products

Your image and reputation is your best business card...

Here in Mumuja's Chocolates we understand it, and so, we put the best of efforts to distinguish your event with our classic chocolates proudly wearing the brand of your company. Because, what better way to be remembered by chocolate bites.

Milk Chocolate Bars

Whether in towers, trays or baskets, our mini milk chocolate bars are ideal to promote your event and advertise your company, showing a touch of elegance and rapport.

We have a wide variety of colors and styles for both the aluminum sheath and the band with the logo of your company. Dimensions 4.0 x 2.5 x 0.5 cm, weight 7 grams.

Units Price per unity Full Price
500 $600 $300.000
1000 $550 $550.000
2000 $500 $1´000.000

Chocolate coins

Enrich your customers and your staff with a little chocolate treasure!
Print the face of your company into gold, and put the value or writing of your pleasing in your Choco-coins with our custom molds.
Coins are 4.5cm in diameter x 0.5 cm thick, weighing 14 grams.

Units Price per unity Full Price
500 $1300 $650.000
1000 $1200 $1.200.000
2000 $1100 $2.2O0.000

Prices + IVA TAX 19%

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